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Homemade Body Sugar Scrub


Using Sugar, coconut oil, olive oil, and essential oil.

Sugar: Is generally softer on the skin and brown sugar is also good for sensitive skin.

Olive oil: Is a great moisturizing solution for making your skin softer. It's silky smooth and does not usually cause an allergic reaction. It  may also protect your skin against sun damage and cancer.

Coconut oil: Is an all in one natural solution to your skin problems. It speeds healing, gets rid of flaking skin, soften and shrinks wrinkles. Coconut oil is also very good at hydrating skin.

Essential oil: Most of them are high in antibacterial,  antifungal, and antiviral properties.



Homemade Foot Soak


Using Epson Salt, Baking soda, and Essential oil.

Epson salt: Has antibacterial and antifungal properties and may help to treat foot and toe fungus conditions such as athlete foot. It also has been used to soothe bruised muscles and help strained muscles to relax.

Baking soda : Is used for scrubbing away dead skin cells and neutralizes foot odors.



Product Companies We Use

CND : Leading advocate for the role of nail care in personal beauty and fashion.



Technology in Our Spa:


Beautiful Spring is proud to be on the cutting edge of technology in nail care. We know how important it is to you to feel safe when visiting a spa. We have taken every step to insure a clean, safe environment for you to relax in. 


Pipe-free Pedicure chairs- Our spa utilizes Pedicure chairs made by Gulf Stream using Cleanjet MAX (also known as MagJet). It is one of the newest innovations for air-jet systems to be introduced into the marketplace for pedicure chairs. Pipefree Cleanjet Max: This system is a true 'pipefree' system which has no pipes running through pedicure unit. The cleanjet max does not operate on re-circulating water through pipes; rather, it is a motor with propeller that forces constant air into the pedicure sink. Because it operates on forced air, any bacteria will remain in the actual tub basin and then directly drained after each client. Each jet is removed and cleaned after every use to avoid contamination. We also use sanitize sprays and cleaners to sanitize other equipment after every client. All this to provide you with peace of mind that you are receiving the best service possible!


Breathe A Little Easier- We use direct-source pickup at all our manicure stations eliminating odors and dust from filing.


Chemical Free When We Can Be- We strive to use the best products and have gone with a choice of natural products when possible. All our scrubs are natural and contain no chemicals. Want more information about the technologies we use? Feel free to ask to see our Resource Manual regarding common questions about Nail Spas.






About Our Products

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